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4 things NFP Leaders should look out for in 2024

As we step into the new year, not-for-profit (NFP) leaders face a dynamic landscape shaped by ongoing challenges and opportunities. In 2024, staying ahead of the curve requires a strategic approach that encompasses various facets of organisational management. Here are four key considerations for NFP leaders to navigate the ever-evolving landscape successfully.


1. Digital Transformation and Technology Integration: Paving the Way for Progress

The latest Digital Technology Report for NFP organisations in AU and NZ on digital technology, released by InfoXchange includes interesting statistics such as:

  1. 22% of NFP organisations agree their systems provide an understanding of the impact their services have
  2. 38% of organisations have a plan or strategy for technology transformation
  3. 13% of surveyed organisations agree they’ve documented a plan to improve cyber security and protection

In 2024, embracing digital transformation is not merely an option; it’s a necessity for not-for-profit organisations. Leaders should explore innovative ways to integrate technology into their operations, from fundraising platforms, volunteer, and member engagement to program delivery systems. This digital shift not only enhances efficiency but also broadens the organisation’s outreach and donor opportunities. Being adaptable to emerging technologies and implementing advanced security measures will be instrumental in maintaining relevance and impact.

2. Adapting to Regulatory Changes: Navigating the Compliance Maze

The regulatory environment for not-for-profits is subject to constant changes. Leaders must remain vigilant about shifts in compliance standards, reporting requirements, and fundraising regulations.

Some Key Recent Changes For NFP Include:

  1. Lately, it was announced that NFP organisations with an annual turnover of less than $ 3 million are no longer exempt from the privacy act unless they have opted-in, have a Commonwealth funding agreement or retain health information.
  2. The ATO implemented new reporting requirements for NFPs who self-assess as income tax exempt.
  3. Commencing at the beginning of this year the administration of 4 DGR categories from other government departments have been transferred to the ATO, they include:
    – Harm prevention charities
    – Cultural organisation
    – Environmental organisations
    – Overseas aid organisations

Staying informed and proactive in adapting organisational practices to meet these changes ensures smooth operations and, governance standards, and compliance, ultimately safeguarding the organisation’s reputation and effectiveness.

3. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI): A Central Pillar of Organisational Strength

2024 places a spotlight on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) within not-for-profit organisations. Leaders should prioritise creating inclusive environments that reflect the diverse communities they serve.

The most recent report on DEI within Australian Workplaces published by AHRI incorporates two main themes from the research:

  1. There is a clear gap between employer awareness, intent and action. 84% of HR professionals say DEI is critical for future success of the organisation. However, 49% of HR professionals say their organisational leaders are not placing enough focus on DEI.
  2. DEI activities for workplaces within Australia mainly focus on gender and to a smaller extent Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Less efforts and focus is shown for underrepresented groups such as people living with disability, those from a lower socio-economic backgrounds and people who are LGBTQIA+. There is also a general evaluation of HR professionals that many of the groups mentioned above are under-represented in their own organisations.

Understanding where your organisation currently stands with DEI within the workplace is the first step in beginning to foster a progressive mindset and being able to implement a strategy for an advanced culture of belonging with employees, stakeholders, and wider communities.

4. Impact Measurement and Reporting: Demonstrating Transparency and Accountability

The expectations of stakeholders, including donors and grantors, have evolved. In 2024, NFP leaders should focus on robust impact measurement and reporting mechanisms. Demonstrating tangible outcomes and showcasing the efficient use of resources will be pivotal for maintaining and attracting funding. Transparent communication of the organisation’s impact reinforces trust and confidence among supporters.


Pathways Australia: Your Strategic Partner in Achieving Mission Success

As NFP leaders chart their course through 2024, partnering with organisations like Pathways Australia becomes integral to success. Pathways Australia offers a range of consulting services, including DEI surveys, organisational reviews, and strategic planning, tailored to the unique needs of not-for-profit organisations of all sizes. By leveraging these services, NFP leaders can gain valuable insights, implement effective strategies, and enhance their organisations’ capacity to achieve their missions.

In conclusion, the year 2024 presents both challenges and opportunities for not-for-profit leaders. By embracing digital transformation, staying attuned to regulatory changes, prioritising diversity and inclusion, emphasising impact measurement, and fortifying organisational resilience, leaders can navigate the complexities of the sector successfully. With the support of Pathways Australia’s consulting services, NFP organisations can confidently stride toward their missions, making a lasting impact in the communities they serve.


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