Year: 2018

Make Delegating Easier

All managers know they’re supposed to delegate, but too many of them are still doing too much themselves. What’s an overburdened manager supposed to do? First, pay attention. If you’re swamped, and especially if you find yourself having to say no to new work, this is a sign that you may not be delegating enough. … Continue reading “Make Delegating Easier”

New Leaders, Take Care of Your Body and Mind

Moving into a leadership position for the first time can be one of the most stressful moments in your career. To weather the transition, start by shifting your mindset. Focus on what excites you about the switch — not on what scares you. This will help you relax into your role and mitigate self-doubt. Practicing … Continue reading “New Leaders, Take Care of Your Body and Mind”

When Networking, Be Yourself

It seems like the right approach to networking: Figure out what the person you’re connecting with wants to hear, and then work to impress them. But tactics like self-promotion and ingratiation can backfire. Research shows there are two reasons why: Trying to anticipate what will impress the other person both increases your anxiety and makes … Continue reading “When Networking, Be Yourself”

Praise Your Star Performer, but Not Too Much

When you have star performers on your team, you may be tempted to lavish them with praise. After all, managing a supremely talented person is a boss’s dream, so why not tell them how much you appreciate them? But be careful that you don’t feed their ego too much, or they’ll constantly be looking for … Continue reading “Praise Your Star Performer, but Not Too Much”

Use Keywords in Your Email Subject Lines

When you send an email, the first thing your recipient sees is the subject line, so make sure it’s as clear as possible: What is your email’s purpose? What do you want your recipient to do? Take a page from military personnel. Their subject lines use keywords in all caps to note the email’s purpose. … Continue reading “Use Keywords in Your Email Subject Lines”

Turn Negative Feedback into an Improved Relationship

No one likes getting negative feedback — especially from a peer — but demonising your team member who was honest with you won’t get you anywhere. After all, they took the time to give you feedback because they care about you and your success. So enlist their help. Schedule a time to follow up on … Continue reading “Turn Negative Feedback into an Improved Relationship”

Empathy Matters When You’re Making a Tough Decision

When faced with a hard choice, it’s comforting to think that if you can just get the right information and use the right analytics, you can make the right decision. But serious problems are rarely black-and-white, and tools and techniques alone won’t give you answers.  You also need empathy.  Put yourself in the shoes of … Continue reading “Empathy Matters When You’re Making a Tough Decision”

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